Our Company

Among the green hills of Monforte d’Alba, a municipality and territory known for its winemaking tradition, you'll find the agricultural company "La Rachilana"; a business founded in 1964 by grandfather Bartolomeo and son Mario after years of hard work in the vineyards as sharecroppers. Today, the company is run by Davide and Daniela, who, with their 4 hectares, produce Dolcetto d’Alba, Barbera d’Alba, Langhe Nebbiolo, and Barolo.

Following the family tradition where quality, not quantity, is paramount in the vineyards, the best grapes are selected to create a product worthy of these UNESCO heritage hills.

"La Rachilana" is a completely family-run enterprise where everyone collaborates, from Antonella, Mario's wife, to their two children, Davide and Daniela.

The wines take shape thanks to the energy and passion passed down from generation to generation and the emotional connection with the territory and its winemaking culture.

Looking back but thinking about the future, the company has strengthened its connection with the land by participating in the "The Green Experience" project, where environmental respect is crucial, and herbicides and insecticides have been eliminated.

The wines born from this company are capable of astonishing the finest palates, whether sipped alone or paired with traditional Piedmontese dishes.

Since the 2016 harvest, the company has decided to produce an additional Barolo, in the "Ravera" subzone, and the Alta Langa sparkling wine.

Our History

Monforte d’Alba, a beautiful and picturesque village with buildings from the ancient part nestled against the slopes of a rather steep hill.

The name of the village has an evident strategic-military significance (Mons Fortis), and for centuries, this was its function during the endless struggles among the local Lords.

A highly appreciated tourist destination from early spring until late autumn, where one can admire the vineyard-covered hills in their splendid colors, recently designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Crossing the village towards Serralunga d’Alba, in the locality of San Giuseppe, you come across the "La Rachilana" agricultural company, a wine-producing enterprise that is purely and meticulously family-run.

After years of working in the vineyards as sharecroppers, grandfather Bartolomeo and son Mario decided to open their own company in 1964. In 1980, Mario got married, and from this union, two children, Davide and Daniela, were born. In 2004, due to the sudden passing of Mario, the company was closed until 2011 when Daniela and Davide decided to follow in their ancestors' footsteps and take over the family business, continuing a tradition now in its third generation.

Currently, the company is managed by Davide, who, with passion and love for the land and good wine, upholds the principles of his grandfather Bartolomeo and father Mario, where producing a healthy and, above all, genuine wine was essential.

The purely family-managed enterprise involves the entire family, with Davide overseeing and coordinating the work from the vineyards to the bottle, while Daniela is engaged in administrative duties.

Our Vision

The company, looking back but considering the future, has decided to participate in the new project "The Green Experience" promoted by Coldiretti of Cuneo, where producers engage in green, reimagined, and sustainable viticulture.

There are ten rules at the core of the project, including eco-friendly solutions and a reduction in the use of chemical products in favor of agronomic and natural solutions.

The project represents the future of agriculture with respect to the environment and can be explored on the website www.thegreenexperience.it