Our wines

Dolcetto d'Alba - Midìes

On a white hill, caressed by a gentle breeze at 550 meters above sea level, lies the "Rachilana" vineyard that yields the sweet grapes used to produce our Dolcetto d’Alba. The wine, with its sweet fruity notes, expresses the strength of the great lands of Monforte d’Alba.

Barbera d'Alba - Auream

A wine that presents itself robust and complex. Capable of supporting even moderate aging, this Barbera d'Alba boasts roundness and sweetness as its main virtues. Long and persistent, it possesses moderate acidity that makes it pleasing to the palate.

Langhe Nebbiolo - Vesprum

Capable of extended aging periods and supported by a significant structure, this Nebbiolo embodies one of the main expressions of the land of Monforte d’Alba. A valuable and precious wine that never ceases to provide unique sensations of its kind.

Barolo - Clivius

The symbol of Monforte d'Alba, precious and unique, Barolo is born on the hills of Monforte with the structure, elegance, and vigor that only these hills can bestow. Capable of extended aging and supported by a substantial structure, it has a richness in tasting that makes it truly distinctive.  The refinement in oak barrels enhances its body and heightens the olfactory sensations. The length on the palate is a clear sign of the richness and excellence of this wine.

Langhe Nascetta - Oro

Autochthonous white grape variety of the Alba area. Its earliest records date back to the early 1800s. Rediscovered in recent years, it is gaining much success, managing to impress even the most discerning palates. In the mouth, the freshness floods the palate, and its balanced acidity surprises, while floral notes, combined with hints of apple, peach, and vanilla, create a delightful juicy and silky sensation.

Alta Langa

The Alta Langa DOCG is the sparkling brut wine of Piedmont. It's a denomination with limited production and a very long history: it was the first classic method sparkling wine to be produced in Italy, dating back to the mid-19th century, in the "Underground Cathedrals" now recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.